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Dla młodzieży polonijnej

Stypendia CPSD 2024

Scholarship Amount:



30 kwietnia 2024

Eligibility Requirements

Required attachments for the application  

Essay Scan of the certificate from the final year of high school at the Polish school along with the grade from the matriculation examination (for this year's high school graduates, certificates must be sent immediately upon receipt by the student to the email address: Scan of the document confirming acceptance to university (acceptance letter, for students transcript from the last semester of studies) Photo of the student (preferably from Polish community events or Polish school events, which will be used in the presentation) Additionally, points will be awarded (if the student has):  Scans of diplomas from Polish community competitions (max. 5 diplomas) Scans of diplomas of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland and/or diploma of the President of CPSD Scans of documents confirming passing Polish language exams: LOTE(WLCE), certified Polish language exam, or receiving the Seal of Biliteracy/Global Seal of Biliteracy Volunteer work in the Polish community - a form to be filled out in the application                                                                                  

The required average grade on the high school diploma is 4.00, and on the matriculation examination, it is 3.00. Scans of certificates should be attached to the electronic application. For this year's high school graduates, certificates must be sent to the email address: immediately upon receipt by the student.

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